DERACLEAN SINAS is a product specially developed for the removal of very stubborn soiling. E.g.: removal of paint and caked oil.

DERACLEAN TRUCKWASH is a foaming cleaning product, adjustable for all applications, without damaging the surface. It is used for cleaning very dirty trucks and cars. After rinsing, the product leaves a pearl effect on the bodywork.

DERACLEAN TOR is an acidic, foaming cleaner for descaling, de-ironing and removing stubborn dirt. The product is extremely suitable for cleaning aluminium. For example: aluminium rims, windows, frames, …
DERACLEAN TOR wordt gebruikt in industriële reiniging voor het ontvetten van metalen en lichte metalen oppervlakken waar geen alkalische reinigingsmiddelen kunnen worden gebruikt.

DERACLEAN CARSHAMPOO XC is a mildly alkaline car shampoo specially developed for washing cars with slightly heavier soiling. DERACLEAN CARSHAMPOO XC also provides an extra pearl effect.

DERACLEAN TERATE is a powerful cleaning product that dissolves stubborn soiling, making it easy to remove afterwards.

DERACLEAN 4500 is a special alkaline, low foaming, industrial cleaner used for the removal of very stubborn contaminants such as fatty acids.

DERACLEAN 101/45 is a water-based alkaline cleaning agent with an anti-corrosion component for stubborn soiling on metals and iron.

Cleaning of terate soiling with our DERACLEAN TERATE.

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