More than 30 years of expertise in the cleaning and paint stripping industry

D.R. Products started as a one-man business in 1988 with the production and sale of cleaning and paint stripping products. The main objective here was to develop alternatives to the solvent-based degreasers and chlorinated hydrocarbons, which are used in particular as degreasers and in cold paint strippers.

Products for wastewater treatment and coagulation were part of the product range from the start. In 1999, D.R. Products was appointed as a private limited company. This change was accompanied by a second important objective: the expansion into engineering and sales of installations for purification, cleaning and paint stripping.


Our customers come first. Together with you, we try to find the perfect solution for your industrial problems.


Active in the cleaning and paint stripping industry since 1988.


D.R. Products continuously carries out research to improve their products.

Active in various sectors

Metallurgy, waste water treatment, automotive industry, tankcleaning, industrial cleaning, ...