DERACLEAN 101 CAR SHINE is a quality pH-neutral carshampoo with a shine enhancing effect. DERACLEAN 101 CAR SHINE can be used with a high-pressure cleaner as well as by hand.

DERACLEAN CARSHAMPOO XC is a mildly alkaline car shampoo specially developed for washing cars with slightly heavier soiling. DERACLEAN CARSHAMPOO XC also provides an extra pearl effect.

DERACLEAN WHEEL 2080 is an acid rim cleaner for the efficient removal of brake oils.

DERACLEAN WINDOW CAR is an efficient window cleaner that leaves no stripes.

DERASTRIP ALU 5000 is both a cold and warm working paint stripping product based on high boiling glycols. It is used to remove epoxy, polyester and combination powders from an aluminium surface. It is ideal for the removal of paints on aluminium rims.

Aluminium rim cleaned with DERACLEAN WHEEL 2080.

Aluminium rim stripped with DERASTRIP ALU 5000.

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