Products tailored to the customer's needs

At D.R. Products we are in close contact with our customers. In addition to our basic products, many of our products have been developed to meet specific customer demands.

Chemical Paint Stripping

The principle of stripping paint using a chemical is based on the penetration of the chemicals into the paint layer. As the paint absorbs the chemical, it becomes softer, swells and wrinkles and comes loose from the underlying surface. The thicker the paint layer, the longer it takes for it to come loose. The same happens with other contaminants such as grease build-up.

Acidic, neutral and mildly alkaline cleaners

Our aqueous cleaners are eco-friendly, which means they are easy to dispose of.
The ideal replacement for solvent degreasers.



Chemical Surface Treatment

Treating the surface and lightly etching it ensures that the paint layer to be applied has a better adhesion to the surface.

Passivation lays an anti-corrosion layer on the metal surface.

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