The concept of stripping paint using a chemical is based on the penetration of the chemicals into the paint layer. As the paint absorbs the chemical, it becomes softer, swells and wrinkles and comes loose from the underlying surface.  The thicker the paint layer, the longer it takes for it to come loose. The same happens with other contaminants such as grease deposits.

DERASTRIP FE is a paint stripping product used for the removal of hardened paint on non-light metal surfaces.

DERASTRIP 1020 is a cold paint stripper specially developed for the removal of uncoated paints.

DERASTRIP ALU 5000 is both a cold and hot-acting paint stripping product based on high-boiling glycols. It is used to remove epoxy, polyester and combination powders from an aluminium surface.

DERATEX SINAS is a product specially developed for the removal of heavy paint dirt. E.g.: removal of paints and inks on floors and other surfaces.

On-line stripping of hooks with our DERASTRIP FE90.

A cast iron piece was stripped of paint with our DERASTRIP FE45 and half treated with DERAPAS 1020.

Paint stripping with our DERASTRIP FE45.

Removal of caked-on powder coating.

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