Metallurgical Industry


DERACLEAN BEITS is a liquid strong acid pickling agent that is extremely suitable for pickling stainless steel. With DERACLEAN BEITS you obtain an even silky-matt surface.The specific composition ensures that there is no staining.

DERACLEAN BEITS not only removes the oxide layer of stainless steel, but also the alloy components such as chromium, nickel, vanadium, molybdenum, aluminium and titanium. DERACLEAN BEITS is particularly suitable for removing the oxide layer caused by high temperatures such as weld seams and weld spatter.

DERACLEAN PC is an acidic, non-foaming cleaner for descaling, rust removal, deferrization and removal of stubborn dirt such as limescale, protein deposits, … 
DERACLEAN P/C is used for the dairy and beverage industry in C.I.P. installations (Cleaning In Place).

DERACLEAN TOR is an acidic, foaming cleaner for descaling, deferrizatiion and removing stubborn dirt. The product is extremely suitable for cleaning aluminium. For example: aluminium rims, windows, frames, …

DERAPAS 1020 is a passivation product that lays a protective layer on the metal surface after it has been treated. This passivation provides an anti-corrosion effect.

Remove the mill scale with our DERACLEAN BEITS.

Removal of dirt deposits from a heat exchanger with our DERACLEAN TOR.

Partial degreasing of stainless steel with DERACLEAN D 101/2N.

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